CFA trains educators at Benalla Christmas celebration

By Simon Ruppert

Greater Hume Children Services partnered with CFA Victoria to host a training session and playgroup for their educators and children on Monday.

And the party doubled-up a thank you to local firies with staff putting on a sausage sizzle for members.

Team leader Fiona Pattinson said despite rain pouring down at the start of the day they decided to persevere with the session.

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“What we tend to do every year is we hold a Christmas party come fire-training session for our educators,” Ms Pattinson said.

“The CFA come along, teach our educators about fire-safety and bushfires, and they talk to the children, too.

“And we're really grateful to them, as they are all volunteers.

“The children get to go in the fire engine and have a lot of fun while learning.

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“This will be the fifth training session for our educators at Greater Hume, this is the last one. We always do Benalla last as it goes out with a bang.

“And we always have the fire engine and a bit of a Christmas party for our educators and the children.

“We looked at the weather and thought, will we cancel or will we not?

“Then we thought its only a bit of rain. We can be under cover and children love the rain.

“But it's turned into a beautiful morning, so we got lucky.”