It’s a jungle out there ... well, almost

By Zoe McMaugh

A giant giraffe has emerged in the front yard of a Deniliquin home, turning heads and putting smiles on faces.

Alan ‘Choker’ Dashwood came across the statue in Berrigan, and it now has pride of place at the front of the Butler St home he shares with partner Suzanne Rutter.

And it has generated a lot of discussion since it was put in place on Thursday.

Mr Dashwood said he caught sight of the large giraffe while doing some work in Berrigan.

When he found out it was for sale, he had to have it.

‘‘I’m a bit of a fan of the Hangover movies, and there’s a scene (in the third movie) where the character Alan is towing a live giraffe down the freeway.

‘‘We couldn’t stand this one up like in the movie though, it was too big.

‘‘I had been doing some work in Berrigan and drove past this house with my nephew and saw the giraffe peering out from the backyard.

‘‘We joked that we should go back one day and get a photo, and then we found out the bloke who owned it was trying to sell his animal sculptures before he moves to the Gold Coast.

‘‘He also had a zebra, which was stolen, and a lion which was sold to one of the blokes I work with.

‘‘They had originally come from the Crown Casino in Melbourne.’’

Mr Dashwood said he would have loved to have taken the lion too, but that his work colleague beat him to it. He has not ruled out adding more safari animals to his front yard as time goes on.

‘‘If something comes up, I’ll probably look at it,’’ he said.

‘‘The giraffe will stay in the front yard, mainly because he’s too big to fit out the back.

‘‘It is certainly turning heads — I have already had a few people coming up and wanting to take their photo with it.’’