$23,128 party breach in Yarrawonga

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

A party in Yarrawonga on the weekend turned costly when local police intervened and issued 14 $1652 fines totalling $23,128 for COVID infringements as police patrols beef up with a focus on a 24-hour response.

When Yarrawonga police arrived at the residential address just after midnight early Sunday morning partygoers tried to hide in various locations around the house to avoid being caught.

“It was obvious the partygoers knew they were doing the wrong thing by their actions in trying to hide from the attending police,” Senior Sergeant Darren McGrillen said. 

“We are extremely disappointed by the actions of these party goers and encourage people to do the right thing in keeping the Moira Shire COVID free.”

Sgt McGrillen said police have carried out a successful operation over the last week to address property crime and identify movement in all hours.

“Over the last week police provided a 24-hour response within the Moira Shire concentrating on those moving about by any means under the cover of darkness and the misconception that police were off duty.  

“The aim was to stem a spike in burglaries and thefts on commercial premises that had occurred in Yarrawonga. It was important for investigators to get an idea of who is out and about all hours across Moira.” 

Sgt McGrillen highlighted a recent incident where a young male’s ute was stolen from the Smoko shed and along with it, his ability to get to work. 

“This has a huge impact on the young man and is an example of the impact of crime in the community.”

The operation last week resulted in eight people charged with various offending, two of these remanded in custody for cultivating and trafficking a commercial quantity of cannabis, one positive drug driving test, three vehicles impounded for traffic offences and fifteen penalty notices issued.   

“It is important to know that police have the capability to work at any time and pop up in any location.  “With COVID safety and response our number one priority, police patrol at all times of the day to ensure compliance with the CHO instructions. 

“COVID is our number one priority however there is still a focus on crime prevention, detection and public safety. “ 

Sgt McGrillen said police will be conducting more late-night patrols and operations.    

“The community of Moira should feel safe in the knowledge their police are working smart and hard to reduce harm in Moira. “

If anyone has any information on the recent burglaries at Yarrawonga Marine, Stuart Simmons Motorcycles and Chainsaws, or the theft from the Smoko Shed please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Cobram CIU.